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Will save all of the attachments of the select message to a folder, putting From, Subject and Date in the attachment file comments.


The installation of this script is not yet automated and (unfortuantely) is several steps long. If you have trouble following the instructions, please respond to the email that the scripts arrived in.

  1. Move the script (Save Commented Attachments...) to the Entourage Script Menu Items. By default this folder is a subfolder of Microsoft User Data which is in the Documents folder in your home directory.
  2. Install the WCHandy osax. The WCHandy.osax file on the disk image shoudl be copied to teh ScriptingAdditions folder, in the Library folder, in your home directory. Create the folder if necessary.
  3. Install ProgBar.
  4. Install the AppleScript Loader. The install script will ask if you want to install into the Local Domain (for All Users) or User Domain (just for you). Installing to the local domain creates a folder /Library/Scripts/ASLibraries/, installing to the user domain creates a folder Library/Scripts/ASLibraries/.
  5. Unstuff the PCS Dialog Library. Copy the folder to the folder created in the previous step.

To keep ProgBar and Loader from showing up in the dock I would suggest using Dockless.


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