Have fun looking around here, but note that most of the AppleScripts are not available for download yet, though they can be requested by email. Note that all of the scripts on this site are covered by the Plaid Cow Solutions Software License (PCSSL).

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Scripts for Entourage

Save Commented Attachments...
Will save all of the attachments of the select message to a folder, putting From, Subject and Date in the attachment file comments.

Yahoo! Groups Suite
Designed to allow for the moving of Yahoo! Group mail to various folders while stripping out ads, placing links to profiles, and taking the name out of the subject. The script also allows you to set up groups of people that send spam and the subjects the mails contain to filter them out automatically in the future.

Scripts for Finder

New Named Folder
A script that will ask for a folder name before creating the new folder.

Scripts for iMovie 4

Though iMovie is not directly scriptable, GUI scripting is still available for a portion of the command set. (Though the scripts are usually very version specific.)

Add iDVD Chapter
Add an iDVD chapter at the current scrubber bar position.

Scripts for iTunes

Delete Files
Move selected mp3 files to the trash from within iTunes.

Move Files To Folder...
Move selected mp3 files to another folder.

Organize Files
Move the selected mp3 files into your own heirarchy.

Remove Duplicates
Remove duplicate files from the library based on the file name.

Remove Missing Tracks
Remove missing tracks from the current selection or playlist.

Rename Files
Rename the selected file names based on your own naming scheme.

Replace Text
Find and replace text in various fields in the selected tracks.

Search Internet
Search various sites on the internet based on the currently selected song.

Scripts Libraries

Dialog Library
A library with front ends for interacting with Pashua and ProgBar, as well as other standard, data validating, dialogs that are needed.

List Library
A Library for working with lists of items

Preferences Library
Library code for loading and saving preferences, using the command line tools found in OSX.

String Library
Common string handling functions including those for padding, trimming and replacing.

Tools for Writing and Running Scripts

There are many tools that can be used to run scripts and some that will even let you assign a shortcut key-combination to them.

Tools that I know of that can be used to run scripts and assign a key shortcut to a script:

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